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Bright and Brief

July 25, 1985

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) _ In a tiff over tissue, a city official says toilet paper should stay near the toilet.

General Services director Sam McPherson said Wednesday that he’s rationing the stuff because workers have been seen taking it to their desks from the restrooms, apparently to blow their noses.

He said a $109,000 cut in his budget prompted the action.

″At one time, in one building, everybody’s desk had two or three rolls of toilet tissue,″ McPherson said. ″We can’t afford to waste like that anymore.″


CLUTE, Texas (AP) - Looking for Texas-style food with a real sting to it? Try the ″true mosquito-flavored chili″ at the fifth annual Great Texas Mosquito Festival this weekend.

Cookoff participants have maintained a clean record throughout the festival’s history, although a little ″mosquito juice″ - better known as beer - is the only unusual ingredient that may slip into the chili concoction.

Parks and Recreation Director Jerry Decker said thousands of people and at least that many mosquitoes are expected to attend the festival.

″The mosquitoes are breeding well this year,″ Decker said. ″I can’t begin to describe the quantity of mosquitoes we’ll have.″


TEIGNMOUTH, England (AP) - A police officer who heard strange noises from a neighbor’s garden at 3 a.m. Thursday morning radioed for help and got caught up in the romance of two passionate hedgehogs.

Policemen armed with flashlights searched the shrubbery in the garden in Teignmouth, Devon, and found two hedgehogs - miniature porcupines - happily mating.

″I saw the funny side of it afterward, but at the time I took it very seriously,″ said Constable Philip Mortimore. ″I’m not joking, you could hear them 60 yards away,″ he said.


HOUSTON (AP) - But how does he look in a bathing suit?

Rebel, a 2,600-pound longhorn steer, made his splashing debut on Surfside beach this month, said Barbara Cope, part-owner of the Diamond C Ranch in nearby Friendswood.

The ranch brought Rebel and 47 horses to the water to give beachgoers rides. Ms. Cope said the sad-eyed steer is more comfortable to ride than a horse.

″I’d be afraid to get up on a steer or bull I didn’t know,″ she said. ″You have to admit, a longhorn steer or bull is a lot more dangerous than a horse. But he is so gentle, and has been ridden for so many years. He’s more gentle than a lot of the horses we have.″

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