PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) _ When sheriff's deputies told Scott Plumley they needed proof to shut down drug dealers in his neighborhood, he got it for them.

But when Plumley called deputies to his home and showed them the $4 bag of marijuana he said he'd bought just down the street, they arrested him _ not the seller.

``After I bought it, I thought `There it is. Boom! Now get him off the street,''' Plumley said. ``I never thought I would get in trouble.''

Plumley, 39, has a Dec. 18 court date and is facing up to a year in jail on a charge of possessing less than 6 grams of pot. He was arrested Nov. 27.

``We encourage people to get involved,'' said Escambia County sheriff's Lt. Joel Mooneyham. ``But we don't want citizens to take the risk.''

He added that police usually watch such sales so the cases hold up in court. Police will continue to monitor drug activity in the neighborhood, Mooneyham said.