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Trump, Maples Officially Divorced

June 8, 1999

NEW YORK (AP) _ With a judge’s signature, actress Marla Maples became the ex-wife of Donald Trump today.

The couple’s divorce was granted on the grounds that the two had lived apart for more than a year, a valid reason under New York law, said Maples’ lawyer, William Beslow.

Trump, 52, filed for divorce from Maples, 35, three months after they separated in mid-1997. Proceedings were stalled after Maples decided to fight a prenuptial agreement that gave her about $2 million in the event of a divorce. She threw in the towel last week, leading a judge to sign the divorce decree Tuesday.

``After giving Donald two years to honor the verbal commitments he made to me during our 12-year relationship, I decided to walk away completely under the terms of the prenuptial agreement that had been placed before me just five days before our 1993 wedding,″ Maples said in a statement.

Maples’ $2 million settlement was a far cry from the more than $25 million that Trump’s first wife, Ivana, got in her divorce settlement after nearly 15 years of marriage.

Maples, who had a daughter by Trump two months before they married in December 1993, said she signed the premarital agreement without reading it. Trump gave her ``verbal commitments″ to pay ``substantially in excess of″ the prenuptial agreement, Beslow said.

Because Maples endured a scandal as ``the other woman″ for dating Trump while he was still married, and because she stood by him when he was nearly bankrupt, the prenuptial agreement is ``unfair,″ Beslow said.

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