Police: Man threatens comic at CT comedy club, seriously

February 26, 2019

MANCHESTER - Threatening a comic is no laughing manner.

That’s what Michael Perrone learned at the Funny Bone Comedy Club on Friday night when he allegedly threatened comedian Aries Spears at the Shoppes at Buckland Hills mall.

The 34-year-old Perrone from Worchester, Mass. is accused of heckling Spears. It then escalated into a verbal exchange between the two.

“Following a back-and-forth exchange, Perrone exited the venue. While leaving he was observed pulling out a folding knife with the blade open and threatened to be waiting for Spears outside,” police said in a release.

“Officers made contact with Perrone who stated he was being made fun of by the comedian so he left. The knife was not found on Perrone, but the investigation uncovered that he disgarded the knife into a planter outside the comedy club’s entrance as he left the comedy club.”

Witnesses confirmed it was the same knife they saw Perrone display in the club.

Perron was charged with threatening, breach of peace and tampering with evidence.

He will appear in court on March 7.