Hazardous waste collection set for Saturday at May Community Center

September 24, 2018

Twice a year, Harris County Precinct 2 partners with Harris County Engineering to sponsor a mobile event where Harris County residents can bring in hazardous household materials for proper disposal.

The fall 2018 event will take place on Saturday, Sept. 29 at the IT May Community Center in Huffman (2100 Wolf Road Huffman, TX 77336) from 8 until 11 in the morning.

Among the materials, they will be collecting are: fertilizers, paints, fluorescent light bulbs, and batteries.

“These materials, if not properly disposed of, can contaminate our rivers/waterways, drinking water, and can cause harm to fish, wildlife, and other animals, not to mention the expensive cleanup,” said Harris County Precinct 2 Communications Coordinator Amery Reid. “These events provide an avenue for residents to dispose of their household hazardous waste properly at no out-of-pocket costs.”

Reid pointed out that the event is limited by the number of pounds the truck can transport. Materials will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

She also mentioned that if residents cannot make it to the event, Harris county operates a permanent hazardous waste facility (6900 Hahl Road Houston, TX 77040) where people can bring hazardous waste during normal business hours for free.

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