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Remembering the lesson of ‘Big Bang Theory’ as it says goodbye


I remember when I first heard the premise of “The Big Bang Theory.” The lives of two geeks are turned upside down when an attractive young woman moves in next door? What kind of show is that, I remember thinking. But it was from Chuck Lorre, who created “Two and a Half Men,” so I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

And right from the getgo, “Bang” sucked me in with great characters full of heart that you instantly cared about. Leonard (Johnny Galecki) was clearly meant to be the lead, but Sheldon (Jim Parsons) stole every scene he was in as Sheldon was a character unlike any we had ever seen on TV before. He was a geeky genius who believed he was above everyone else, but his naivety about life itself kept him from being obnoxious. As weird as Sheldon was, he was completely loveable.

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