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Court Sentences Four Robbers to Hang, Then Be Crucified

October 12, 1991

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) _ A court sentenced four highway robbers to be hanged, and their bodies crucified, under Sudan’s strict version of Muslim law, the official news agency reported Saturday.

The Sudan News Agency said the four were convicted of what it claimed was the Islamic crime of ″spreading corruption on earth″ as well as armed robbery and firearms offenses.

The sentences passed Thursday in the western Sudan city of El-Fasher must be endorsed by Lt. Gen. Omar Hassan el-Bashir, head of the ruling military junta in Khartoum. He was expected to approve.

El-Fasher, 500 miles southwest of Khartoum, is capital of Darfur region, plagued with armed robberies and tribal conflicts. Much of the trouble is blamed on former rebels in neighboring Chad forced across the border by that country’s civil war, many bringing their firearms.

Sudan News Agency said Judge Naim Eddin Hamid al-Beshir, who sat in judgment with an army major and a police major, convicted four men of stealing $3,665 and personal belongings from a vehicle.

It identified the men as Baher Abdul Hamid, Jumaa Imam, Ali Mohamed Beshir and Ismail Yacoub.

When crucified in Sudan, a criminal’s body generally is hung on the cross in his home village as an example to others. Usually after fewer than 24 hours, the body is removed and the criminal buried in a Muslim funeral.

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