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April 1, 1987

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Oscar nominee Tess Harper’s parents stayed behind in Mammoth Spring, Ark., while she attended the Academy Awards ceremony, but they too were in front of TV cameras, and Ms. Harper had some advice for them.

″Hi, folks 3/8 Please act like you know how to wear shoes and have indoor plumbing,″ she said during an interview with ″Entertainment Tonight,″ which broadcast her quip Tuesday.

Ms. Harper was nominated as best supporting actress for her role as a prissy busybody in ″Crimes of the Heart.″

Her parents, Ed and Rosemary Washam, were in the front row while 100 people sat in the Mammoth Spring high school auditorium Monday night to watch the awards show on big-screen television. Their reactions also were shown Tuesday on the syndicated ″Entertainment Tonight.″

The group cheered when a scene from the movie was shown, and moaned when the winner - Dianne Wiest, from ″Hannah and her Sisters″ - was announced.

″She said all along she thought she (Ms. Wiest) would win,″ Mrs. Washam said. ″It would have been wonderful if she could have gotten it (the Oscar) and brought it home to Arkansas.″


LONDON (AP) - Prince Edward, youngest of Queen Elizabeth II’s four children, showed up in disguise at a radio studio Wednesday to help a disc jockey play an April Fool’s joke on the air.

DJ Mike Smith had invited listeners to his ″Breakfast Show″ on the British Broadcasting Corp.’s Radio I network to tune in for an interview with the American rock star Prince.

But instead of the singer, it was 23-year-old Edward who arrived disguised in flowing cape and large hat.

BBC switchboards were jammed as listeners rang to find out what was happening, and photographers expecting the rock star were caught off guard.


HYDE PARK, Vt. (AP) - Actor Don Johnson’s in town for a few weeks, but some residents don’t seem all that excited.

″He’s short,″ Marilee Seymour said as the ″Miami Vice″ star arrived on the set of ″Sweethearts Dance,″ in which he stars with Susan Sarandon in a film about a New England family and their friends.

But there are some fans.

″I saw Don Johnson and said, ‘There he is 3/8’ And that’s all that came out of my mouth 3/8″ said Barbara Lang. ″I went and called all my neighbors. He was standing right in front of the store.″

Hyde Park, population 495, has been inundated by Tri Star Productions for the filming.

The focus of attention is a gray and white house, Johnson’s home in the movie, that sits on a snow-covered lot, the only white lot on the street.

″It’s kind of interesting to watch them dump snow on somebody’s lawn when everything around it is green,″ said Michael Valente of Waterbury Center.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Grammy Award-winning guitarist Chet Atkins is suing a fellow musician to obtain a viola worth $10,000, court records show.

The eight-time Grammy winner claims in the complaint filed Friday that he’s entitled to the viola because musician Marvin Chantry guaranteed it as collateral when Atkins co-signed two promissory notes for him last summer.

The suit says Chantry defaulted on his payments, and Atkins had to pay Third National Bank the principal amount plus interest, $10,704.91, last December. The claim said the viola is worth approximately $10,000.

Chantry had not filed an answer to the complaint.


BROOKFIELD, Mass. (AP) - Philippine President Corazon Aquino reportedly is selling her summer home and its 16.5 acres to a developer who plans to build 100 luxury condominiums on the lakefront property.

The Boston Globe reported Wednesday that the purchase price was about $600,000 for the Lake Quaboag property, including of a house with about 10 rooms, a separate garage, swimming pool and a tennis and basketball court.

Mrs. Aquino and her late husband, Benigno Aquino Jr., bought the property in 1983, shortly before he was assassinated when he went back to Manila to challenge then-president Ferdinand Marcos after three years of self-imposed exile.

Mrs. Aquino began divesting herself of the family’s U.S. property shortly after she was elected president. Their home in Newton was sold earlier to the Benigno Aquino Memorial Foundation, a non-profit organization.


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - The Rev. Jesse Jackson used a religious technique to jokingly influence the politics of an Arkansas legislator.

Jackson, a possible candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination next year, was introduced Tuesday to Sen. Joe Yates of Bentonville and was told Yates was a Republican.

Jackson put his hand on Yates’ forehead and said ″Heal,″ and the Senate erupted in laughter.


NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) - Prince Charles, on the second day of a three-day working visit to Kenya, had a bitter experience Wednesday when he was called upon to sample the product of a tea factory.

The prince was asked to sample the broken orange pekoe tea that Kenya’s lush tea-growing region prides itself on.

He dipped a spoon into the brew, sipped the tea and then grimaced in disgust before spitting it into a spitoon.

″It would have been better with milk and sugar,″ said the prince, who appeared embarrassed by his reaction to the first tasting. He went on, however, to sample three other grades of the broken orange pekoe without reaction or comment.

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