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October 26, 2017


NEW YORK (AP) — Ashley Judd says she used to think “no meant no” — until she encountered a lecherous Harvey Weinstein in a hotel suite two decades ago. Judd tells ABC she was asked to meet the movie producer for what she thought was a business meeting. Turns out Weinstein had something else in mind. She says he offered to give her a massage and when she balked, he asked her to give him one. She says she got out of the situation with a deal. She said she’d give in to him if she won an Oscar in one of his movies — and fled. Judd tells her story on “Good Morning America.” She says while she’s proud she eluded Weinstein, she blames herself for even offering to submit to his demands.


NEW YORK (AP) — Attorney Gloria Allred says it’s unfair The Weinstein Company has made millions upon millions of dollars while its co-founder Harvey Weinstein preyed on women. And she says the company should do something to make amends. Allred says the company should create a “substantial” fund for settlements with women who say Harvey Weinstein harassed or assaulted them. She says he engaged in “the most egregious and reprehensible acts imaginable,” even as his firm profited from some of those he victimized.



005-w-30-(Julie Walker, AP correspondent, with Natassia Malthe, actress)--Another woman, an actress, has come forward to say Harvey Weinstein raped her. AP correspondent Julie Walker reports. (26 Oct 2017)

<<CUT *005 (10/26/17)££ 00:30

006-a-07-(Natassia Malthe (MAHL’-tee), actress, in AP interview)-“was not consensual”-Actress Natassia Malthe says disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein raped her in her London hotel room in 2008. ((cut used in wrap)) (26 Oct 2017)

<<CUT *006 (10/26/17)££ 00:07 “was not consensual”

007-a-16-(Natassia Malthe (MAHL’-tee), actress, in AP interview)-“in complete disgust”-Actress Natassia Malthe says Harvey Weinstein forced himself on her. (26 Oct 2017)

<<CUT *007 (10/26/17)££ 00:16 “in complete disgust”

008-a-19-(Natassia Malthe (MAHL’-tee), actress, in AP interview)-“made that possible”-Actress Natassia Malthe says Harvey Weinstein told her that if she wanted a part in his movie she had to sleep with him. ((part of cut used in wrap)) (26 Oct 2017)

<<CUT *008 (10/26/17)££ 00:19 “made that possible”


NEW YORK (AP) — MSNBC journalist Mark Halperin is the latest to have his career derailed by sexual harassment allegations. He has been suspended as a contributor after five women claimed he sexually harassed them when he worked for ABC News. MSNBC says it finds Halperin’s conduct “very troubling” — and that he won’t be back on the air until questions about his past are fully understood. Halperin acknowledges what he calls inappropriate behavior — and has apologized.


OGUNQUIT, Maine (AP) — A second actress now says President George H.W. Bush is guilty of inappropriate touching. Jordana Grolnick says Bush grabbed her butt during a group photo last year in Maine. She tells the website Deadspin, Bush joked his favorite magician is “David Cop-a-Feel” — and then copped a feel. She says former first lady Barbara Bush responded, “He’s going to get himself put in jail.” Another actress, Heather Lind, made a similar allegation. Bush’s office has kinda-sorta acknowledged such incidents. It says because Bush is a wheelchair user, taking photos can lead to awkward moments. It says he often makes the same joke and pats women’s rears in what’s meant to be “a good-natured manner.” The office says the ex-president apologizes to anyone who takes his routine otherwise.



009-v-40-(Tim Maguire, AP correspondent)--A TV actress accuses former President George H.W. Bush of touching her from behind while they posed for photos. AP correspondent Tim Maguire reports. (26 Oct 2017)

<<CUT *009 (10/26/17)££ 00:40

010-c-25-(Tim Maguire, AP correspondent)-“apologizes most sincerely”-AP correspondent Tim Maguire reports an actress says former President George H.W. Bush touched her from behind. (26 Oct 2017)

<<CUT *010 (10/26/17)££ 00:25 “apologizes most sincerely”


ATLANTA (AP) — Jane Fonda will be doing more than blowing out a bunch of candles for her 80th birthday. She will also be taking part in an effort to raise money for her foundation. The event is named “Eight Decades of Jane” and is set for Dec. 9 at a hotel in Atlanta. Among those taking part in the event will be James Taylor and Carole King, as well as Sally Field, Rosie O’Donnell and Diane Lane. There will be eight courses on the menu, each representing a decade of Fonda’s life.



118-v-20-(Margie Szaroleta (zar-oh-LEH’-tah), AP entertainment correspondent)--Actress Jane Fonda is using a milestone birthday to raise funds to help adolescents. AP entertainment reporter Margie Szaroleta reports. (26 Oct 2017)

<<CUT *118 (10/26/17)££ 00:20


NEW ORLEANS (AP) — He belonged to all of us as a musician. But as a man, Fats Domino’s legacy was built and maintained in his hometown, New Orleans. The musician stayed true to his roots, blending in bits of Louisiana flavor into the music that made him one of the early rock ‘n’ roll icons. Domino has died at age 89. He is best known for hits like “Blueberry Hill” and “Ain’t That a Shame.”



001-w-28-(Margie Szaroleta (zar-oh-LEH’-tah), AP music correspondent, with music)--Musician Fats Domino has died of natural causes at the age of 89 in New Orleans. AP music correspondent Margie Szaroleta has a look at his career. ((opens with music)) (26 Oct 2017)

<<CUT *001 (10/26/17)££ 00:28

002-a-13-(Fats Domino, musician, in 1995 interview)-“who appreciates me”-Musician Fats Domino said in a 1995 interview he never got tired of singing his hits. ((longer version of cut used in wrap)) (26 Oct 2017)

<<CUT *002 (10/26/17)££ 00:13 “who appreciates me”

004-r-50-(Fats Domino, performing “I’m Walkin‴)--Fats Domino, performing “I’m Walkin’.” (26 Oct 2017)

<<CUT *004 (10/26/17)££ 00:50


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — The Turtles have been shelled by Florida’s Supreme Court. It has ruled that owners of old music recordings can’t make radio stations pay for their use. The company run by two of the original Turtles claimed Sirius XM Radio should pay royalties for their 1967 song “Happy Together.” But the Florida Supreme Court ruled in favor of the satellite radio company. New York’s high court ruled the same way in a similar case last year. Sirius XM Radio argued, successfully, it was entitled to play songs made before 1972, when the new copyright rules took effect.



136-w-31-(Margie Szaroleta (zar-oh-LEH’-tah), AP music correspondent, with music)--Two of the founding members of the 60′s band The Turtles have lost a court battle over oldies songs. AP music correspondent Margie Szaroleta explains. ((opens with music)) (26 Oct 2017)

<<CUT *136 (10/26/17)££ 00:31

137-r-49-(The Turtles, performing “Happy Together”)--The Turtles, performing “Happy Together.” (26 Oct 2017)

<<CUT *137 (10/26/17)££ 00:49


NEW YORK (AP) — Don’t expect Drake to get any Grammy nominations for his album “More Life.” No reflection on the quality of the album — it’s just that Drake hasn’t submitted it for consideration. A source says the rapper didn’t submit “More Life” for album of the year — nor did he submit any individual tracks for categories like song or record of year. “More Life” was released in March and topped the Billboard album chart in its debut week. Drake has described it as a mixtape and a playlist.


LONDON (AP) — Prince’s sister says a new exhibition in London is like a “miniature Paisley Park.” The exhibit features guitars, paisley-patterned outfits and high-heeled shoes worn by the musician, who died last April at age 57. The curator of the London collection says the items were culled from items at Paisley Park near Minneapolis, where Prince lived, worked and died. Angie Marchese says the show is a chance for fans to say thanks and goodbye to Prince. The display opens tomorrow at O2 Arena.


PITTSBURGH (AP) — The Pittsburgh Art Commission has voted to recommend that a statue of Stephen Foster be removed. The 117-year-old monument to the writer of the song “Oh! Susanna” has been criticized as demeaning — because it includes a slave at Foster’s feet, plucking a banjo. While critics say that’s demeaning, supporters say it just shows Foster was inspired by black spirituals.

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