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Witnesses called Friday during O.J. Simpson civil trial

January 11, 1997

Witnesses called Friday during O.J. Simpson’s wrongful death trial:

HENRY LEE: Director of the Connecticut State Forensics Science Laboratory; videotaped deposition; said he never meant to suggest that police planted evidence to frame O.J. Simpson; said when he said ``there’s something wrong,″ he meant the quality of police lab procedures.

GARY SIGLAR: Supervising criminalist, Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office; recreated testimony; said criminalists from coroner’s office should also have been called to crime scene; said lead Detective Philip Vannatter personally picked up reference vials of blood taken from victims; said it was unusual but not unprecedented for a detective to do that.

O.J. SIMPSON: Said he never struck Nicole Brown Simpson despite testimony of two witnesses; said if he had hit Ms. Simpson, she would have been injured much more seriously than she was; talked about his childhood in the projects, his school years as a successful athlete, his Heisman Trophy in college and his professional career with the Buffalo Bills; said he tried to be conscientious and obey all the rules of good sportsmanship and fair play; said he was kicked out of only one pro football game for fighting; said he had a good relationship with Ms. Simpson and they were very much in love; said the two separated because ``she had lived with me since she was 18 and she needed some free time″; said her behavior became very erratic after separation and she was part of crowd he didn’t like; said she pursued him relentlessly but a reconciliation led to recurring problems.

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