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Super Bowl Countdown Continues

January 25, 1998

SAN DIEGO (AP) _ San Diego has turned into a super party town as the countdown to the Super Bowl continues.

Fans attending Super Fest were able to party hearty in a 20-square block area of downtown San Diego last night and this morning without having to worry about automobile traffic.

People dined on everything from clams to nachos. Of course, there was plenty of cheese for Packer fans.

Bars put chicken-wire fences around their patio areas so drinkers could enjoy the outdoors without wandering through the crowds in the streets.

Cigar aficionados enjoyed popping into one of several small Cuban cigar stores that hand-roll the smokes while you watch.

Street bands offered everything from Japanese drums to music from Ecuador.

Security guards checked the bags of people coming into the roped-off area and surveillance cameras were everywhere.

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