Kurt Krueger: McSally’s concerning statements

August 29, 2018


I would like to thank you and your staff on the “Our View” piece on Kelli Ward and Martha McSally in the Sunday edition. You have hit it dead center bull’s eye. I have been a staunch supporter of Kelli Ward since she ran against McCain. She has always been for protecting our borders, no amnesty, and supporting the Trump agenda on making America great again. The McSally ads on TV have been bold face lies. I brought this up on the air to find out if lying in political ads was legal. Unfortunately, that’s just politics. But, you made a great point I agree with and that is the phony McSally ads will solidify Kelli’s supporters and hopefully wake up McSally supporters with the idea that if McSally lies in her ads, what else is she going to lie about?

I believe that the majority of the voters in our nation have grown weary of the lies and false accusations we hear every day in our media and are ready for honest people to be in our government. We don’t need another opportunist. Thank you again for your observation and its accuracy. Great minds think alike.

Kurt Krueger

Lake Havasu City

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