Nuclear plant pushes for state assistance

July 6, 2018

WATERFORD, Conn. (AP) — Owners of a Connecticut nuclear plant say the facility faces closure unless the state reverses course and fully considers the plant’s benefits to the environment and regional grid in an upcoming electricity auction.

The Day reports that Dominion Energy is urging state regulators to give the Millstone Power Station an “at risk” of closing distinction in an electricity auction. Dominion Energy claims rising expenses and competition from natural gas have weakened the plant.

“At risk” facilities have an advantage because they’re evaluated on their price as well as environmental benefits and grid reliability.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says facilities won’t be considered for their risk status until 2023.

NRG spokesman David Gaier says Dominion’s “threat” is empty and that there’s no evidence Millstone needs state assistance.


Information from: The Day, http://www.theday.com

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