Steelers fan in full uniform sneaks onto field with team

August 22, 2018
Steelers fan in full uniform sneaks onto field with team
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A fake Steelers in detained by security during practice Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018 at Saint Vincent College.

For a brief moment, a fan lived out his dream of suiting up and practicing with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A man, dressed in full uniform, sneaked onto the turf practice field at Saint Vincent and joined the players for a few moments during the team stretch before practice Saturday afternoon.

The first giveaway the player was not legit was his uniform number. He was wearing No. 43, which had not given out by the Steelers since Troy Polamalu retired after the 2014 season. Also, the numbers were in block format, and the jersey color was a slightly darker yellow than the bona fide Steelers players were wearing.

Another indication something was amiss was the pads under the man’s jersey. The Steelers weren’t wearing them for practice Saturday.

Other than that, the man looked the part, and he apparently arrived on campus seeking a tryout with his favorite football team. His scheme was quickly snuffed out, and he was escorted off the turf practice field by conditioning coordinator Garret Giemont.

Steelers players seemed amused by the man’s diligence, and Antonio Brown laughed and talked briefly with the intruder.

The man, whose identity was not revealed, was assisted to a golf cart where he was greeted by security personnel and a policeman. After a few moments of polite conversation, the man jumped into the back of the golf cart and was whisked away from the practice field.

Steelers officials declined comment about the situation. When asked about the intruder at his post-practice press gathering, coach Mike Tomlin said “I’ll pass” and walked away.

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