Mental Health: The Invisible Crisis

December 28, 2018

A team of seven reporters wrote stories for a project called “Mental Health: The Invisible Crisis,” which ran on six Sundays, beginning in June. Stories examined the connection between homelessness and mental illness. They looked at the history of mental illness in the state and whether reforms to move care from institutions to community-based programs are working. We introduced readers to a mother who wants to remove the stigma of mental illness and another woman who, with the help of her church and treatment, overcame addiction and mental health issues. A teenager told us how the intervention of a school therapist and the help of a supportive family made sure she got the therapy she needed. And we told readers about a new program used by public defenders to help mentally ill clients caught up in the court system. The series allowed us to write about an issue that has likely affected every reader in some way.

— Shelly Kulhanek

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