Spirulinex Unveils New, Fully California-Compliant Packaging for Flagship Product Dragonglass Flake and Bake™

July 24, 2018

DORADO, Puerto Rico, July 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GSRX Industries Inc. (OTCQB:GSRX) (“GSRX” or the “Company”) today announced that Spirulinex, LLC (“Spirulinex”), its cannabinoid manufacturing subsidiary, has unveiled new packaging for its flagship product Dragonglass Flake and Bake™. The new packaging is fully compliant with California’s recently announced packaging regulations for cannabis and related products. The packaging design was created by Joel Ryan Brandon, whose portfolio includes work for Nike, The Chicago Marathon, and The Miami Dolphins.

“Amidst the challenges surrounding California’s new cannabis packaging compliance directives, we at Spirulinex immediately sought to re-invent the packaging for Dragonglass in a way that was 100% compliant and child-proof, while communicating the attributes of a product that has never existed before,” said Ali Jamalian, Co-Founder of Spirulinex.

The Dragonglass Flake and Bake™ (“Dragonglass”) packaging design communicates numerous aspects of the product, which is unlike any other in the marketplace. The packaging achieves high-impact messaging through an intelligent combination of icons, informational panels, a pamphlet, and calls to action. “We want you to know what you are in for when you pick up the package, thus the CBD-only packaging is predominantly orange, whereas the THC version is predominantly green,” said Brandon about his creative intent.

“Working with Joel is not just immensely fun because of his creativity, but his eye for arrangements and aesthetics is one of a kind,” added Jamalian. “Our agency backgrounds and our work on international brands enable us speak the same creative language.”

Dragonglass is a sublingual/edible flake made using superfood, and is based on a proprietary, patent-pending method of producing water-based edibles that are free of sugar, fat, alcohol, and synthetics. GSRX believes that Dragonglass is a unique product in a market flooded with sugar-based and high-calorie products, and Spirulinex has created California-compliant packaging that also serves as a product differentiator. “It was important to us that the design of our package reflect the purity and euphoria of the product, without falling into a typical design scheme,” Jamalian further added. “With so many medical and adult-use customers asking for a health-and-wellness cannabis product that can be consumed orally, Dragonglass is the ideal solution. Demand is very strong for Dragonglass, and we look forward to delivering throughout California, and to the entire U.S. market as we grow our operations into all states.

Dragonglass Flake and Bake™, in its new packaging, will be sold in 100mg THC and 100mg CBD versions at dispensaries in and across California.

Spirulinex extracts and processes concentrates using non-volatile methods, then processes and formulates products for adult consumers. Spirulinex has developed all-natural, proprietary methods of suspending cannabinoids in water to create aqueous solutions, thereby eliminating the need to use oils, butter or synthetic lipids. Spirulinex will offer cannabinoid products for which scientific dosage recommendations are included for consistency and quality assurance. Spirulinex has a robust patent portfolio, and continues to aggressively pursue protection for its innovations.

Spirulinex was co-founded by Ali Jamalian and Dr. Sarah Rodriguez. Dr. Rodriguez, Spirulinex’s Chief Scientist, is a leading researcher with experience in strain development and metabolic engineering for terpene production, restructuring of carbon metabolic fluxes, cellular metabolic analysis, bio-separation, and fermentation engineering. She holds a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley.

About GSRX Industries Inc. GSRX Industries Inc. (OTCQB:GSRX), through its subsidiaries, is in the business of acquiring, developing and operating retail cannabis dispensaries, and is in the process of expanding its business to include the cultivation, extraction, manufacture and delivery of cannabis and cannabinoid products. To date, GSRX has acquired and operates four cannabis dispensaries in California and Puerto Rico, and has acquired four additional pre-qualified locations in Puerto Rico, all of which are currently under construction and expected to open later this year.

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