MAASTRICHT, Netherlands (AP) _ Some psychiatric patients in the Netherlands are getting discounts to visit brothels as a way to reduce their sexual aggression.

The Vijverdal clinic has cut a deal with a local brothel, Club D'Amour, allowing patients to visit prostitutes for $37 instead of the regular $62. Four patients in this southern city already have taken advantage of the discount and were driven to the brothel from the clinic, the De Volkskrant newspaper reported Friday.

Outside experts dismissed the project.

``It doesn't work,'' said W. van Ewijk, the director of another psychiatric clinic. ``There are enough prostitutes in our society, but are the number of rapes declining as well?''

``You do not prevent abuse by sending men to a bordello,'' he told De Volkskrant.

The Health Ministry has distanced itself from the program.

``It's a private initiative,'' said ministry spokesman Dick van Vliet, adding that the national health insurance program does not pay for the visits.

The Vijverdal clinic would not comment on their policy.