Ludington High adds 163 new alumni to its ranks

May 25, 2019

A new group of 163 alumni joined the ranks of those before them following the graduation exercises at Ludington High School’s Hawley Gymnasium Friday night in Ludington.

“We have worked hard these past four years and it’s all led to this moment,” graduating senior Allison Kettler said before classmate Randi Stone asked the class to turn their tassels from student to graduate.

The Class of 2019 had 163 graduates. Of those, 42 were Alpha Graduates and 58 were members of the National Honor Society.

There were 37 who graduated with highest honors, a 3.90 grade point average and above. Another six were with high honors (3.75 to 3.90 gpa) and 34 graduated with honors (3.00 to 3.749 gpa).

Of the 163, more than 90 percent were eligible for the Mason County Promise Scholarship as they had a 2.0 grade point average or higher.

More than half of its members — 84 in all — received scholarships and awards.

Principal Dan Mesyar, Superintendent Jason Kennedy and Ludington Board President Steve Carlson all praised the school, the district, the community and especially the new graduates.

“As you graduate this evening, you have been well prepared by the best faculty and staff there is with the necessary knowledge and skillset needed to compete in a global community,” Kennedy said.

While the achievements of the district through a new changes coming and the accomplishments of various teams and individuals were cited, Megan Mulherin brought a challenge to her fellow graduates in her remarks.

“We have succeeded together. It is our comraderie that has allowed us to do so well,” she said. “Individually, we have earned our diplomas, but together, we have succeeded. Class of 2019, we’re a team. We made it. Many of us have accomplished titles in our own athletic teams and clubs, but together, we have won the greatest victory of graduation.

“We all worked hard to get to where we are today. Today may seem like a bittersweet day since many of us are moving on to different colleges, different jobs and different cities that will take us away from here, but we should see graduation as our beginning of our journey, not the end of one.”

While the graduates reflected on four years, Hawley Gymnasium filled quickly once the doors were open at 5:30 p.m. It took less than five minutes for the bleachers on the north wall of the gym to begin to fill.

The setting sun illuminated the gym early, and by the time the lights cut on at 6 p.m., the standing-room only crowd awaited the new graduates.

Many of the graduates had their future plans adorning their caps or simply put on the cap of Ashton Cohoon, “#done.” Smatterings of cheers greeted the outgoing seniors as they made their way to their seats to “Pomp and Circumstance.”

As they turned to see their loved ones, a loud cheer was heard.

Members of the Ludington bands and choirs played various selections. The jazz band played, “Vine Street Rumble,” and the senior choir sang, “Goodnight Dear Heart.” The full choir sang, “A Place Between Us Both.” The LHS wind symphony played, “Aquia Hills.”

Junior Kaeden Plummer even didn’t miss a beat when his snare snapped during the performance. A spare snare made its way across the gym before “Vine Street Rumble” finished.

Allison Kettler and Kaylie Wells sang, “I’ll Always Remember You,” from the Hannah Montana Soundtrack with Wells accompanying them.

The smattering of cheers again filled Hawley Gymnasium once the graduates turned their tassels and they began to make their way out. With John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” playing there were the cheers along with the LHS band waving their phones with their flashlights on.

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