Omarosa Manigault Newman: Trump keeps list of ‘shocking’ policy ideas to distract from controversies

April 25, 2019

Former White House official OmarosaManigault Newman claimed Thursday that President Trump has a “crazy list” of policy ideas to pull out as a distraction whenever his administration receives negative coverage.

“Let me just tell you, they have these lists of very shocking proposals ... and they would just keep them on the side. Whenever they needed to throw a hand grenade to blow up the press or take over the front covers of the newspaper, they would pull out one of these very shocking proposals,” Ms. Manigault Newman said.

“Many of them dealt with something, trying to eradicate one of Barack Obama’s signature legislative accomplishments. ... They had them in their pocket,” she continued.

Ms. Manigault Newman added Mr. Trump’s child-separation immigration policy was one of those on this list.

“We never imagined they would do them, but that was one of the shocking proposals that was on this crazy list,” she said.

Ms. Manigault Newman, who resigned from the White House in 2017, released a book titled “Unhinged” in 2018 about her time there.

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