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Alleged Drunk-Driving Killer Indicted as 3 Victims Buried

May 7, 1994

NEW YORK (AP) _ A man accused of plowing his car into a family, killing a woman and her two daughters, was indicted on murder charges as a funeral was held for the three.

Abraham Myers, 55, whose license was suspended 26 times and who has at least one drunk driving conviction, was charged Friday in the deaths of Cathy Vaccarello, 47, and her daughters, Maria, 18, and Concetta, 17.

Police said he was driving 70 mph with his headlights off and ran a red light when he ran down the family, including 51-year-old Giovanni Vaccarello, the father, as they left a party Sunday night.

A 12-year-old son, John, had stayed behind and was uninjured.

As Myers was indicted, more than 2,500 mourners attended a service for the women. Giovanni Vaccarello, who suffered serious head, neck and leg injuries, left the hospital briefly for a private service.

Meyers was charged with depraved indifference murder, reckless manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, assault and vehicular assault, and driving while intoxicated.

Police said his blood-alcohol level was .23 percent when he was arrested, well over New York’s legal limit of .10.

He was held without bail. If convicted, he faces up to life in prison.

Meyers’ attorney, Andrew Worgam, said his client was ″completely sorry that it’s happened and he’s completely sorry to the family.″

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