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Father and Daughter Compete for Ward Committeeman Slot

December 9, 1987

CHICAGO (AP) _ Curtis M. Foster doesn’t have to look far for the opposition to his re- election as Republican ward committeeman. He’s being challenged by his daughter, and he has only himself to blame.

″We were talking about politics and he dared me to run, so I took his dare,″ said Grace Foster, 31.

She and her 62-year-old father, who has held the post for 20 years, said the race is a friendly one - so far.

″There’s no tension. It’s a big joke right now. There might be tension later on, but I hope not,″ Foster said.

But he made clear it is a race.

″She’s young. I’m in my sixties and, I’ll have to step aside sometime, but I ain’t ready yet,″ he said.

Ward committeemen are equivalent to county party chairmen. They run the local party operations, keep in touch with voters, appoint precinct captains and election judges and endorse candidates.

″I will be a better committeeman than my father. I’m younger and can get around a lot faster. I think he’s slowing down a lot,″ said Ms. Foster, who was the youngest delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1976.

″Now it’s going to be his friends against my friends,″ she said. ″But I will beat him. I have gotten Republican votes where Republican votes normally would not have come out off,″ said Ms. Foster of her bid to win support in the predominantly black 28th Ward.

Foster laughed.

″I have more friends than she’s got. But you know how young people’s egos are. She thinks she has more friends than I do,″ he said.

The Fosters, who share a West Side duplex and work together at Foster’s landscaping business, registered Monday for the ward post.

And while politics has put them on opposing sides for now, it’s the basis for their close relationship, the Fosters say.

″That’s how I got to know him. We have political discussions all the time and we have differences in opinion,″ said Ms. Foster.

″She always wanted to go around with me and talk with people. I taught her everything I know,″ said Foster.

Voters may find it difficult to choose between them.

″We both think the same way,″ said Foster.

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