Priorities in place for KCC finalists

January 13, 2019

As soon as Monday, Kankakee Community College could have a new president.

The finalists for the position, which opened when current leader John Avendano announced his retirement effective at the end of the current school year, are Laurie Chesley and Michael Boyd.

Chesley is the executive vice president of academic and student affairs at Grand Rapids (Mich.) Community College.

Boyd is the vice president for instructional and student success at KCC.

The college made a deft decision by having each candidate take part in a public interview earlier this week. These interviews revealed that both finalists have their priorities in order, and here’s how they showed it.

“Never let us forget that our highest purpose is to serve students and the community,” Chesley said.

Boyd described the president’s position as a support staff role.

“What matters is the learning that goes on in the classroom,’’ Boyd said.

Translation: Both of these educators know nothing comes before students and the goal of aiding their success. That’s what KCC, or any institution of learning, needs in a president.

Good luck to both Boyd and Chesley as the KCC Board of Trustees weighs its final choice.

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