ST. CATHARINES, Ontario (AP) _ Mary Kinnear, one of Canada's first women senators and a feminist leader, has died at age 93.

Kinnear died Tuesday at a hospital in St. Catharines, about 10 miles northwest of Niagara Falls.

Born in nearby Port Colborne, Kinnear was appointed to the upper chamber of parliament by Prime Minister Lester Pearson in 1967. She retired in 1973 on her 75th birthday.

She joined the Port Colborne Liberal Association in 1921 and served from 1959-63 as president of the National Federation of Liberal Women.

She also served in the 1950s as an executive member of the Ontario Hospital Auxiliaries Association.

In the 1920s she worked as a cement shipper for Canada Cement Co.

Kinnear led a diverse life that combined business and social action. She urged women to independent action, such as establishing separate bank accounts from their husbands.

She designed several houses in Port Colborne and dedicated her spare time to activities like making her own clothes and playing hockey.