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Severe Thunderstorms Nail Texas, Oklahoma

May 15, 1989

Undated (AP) _ Severe thunderstorms wracked parts of Texas and Oklahoma, spawning one tornado, generating winds up to 67 mph and dropping hail as big as baseballs.

The thunderstorms were most severe along a stationary front over central Texas Sunday evening. A tornado hit at Brady, baseball-size hail peppered Eden, and winds gusting to 67 mph drove dime-size hail at San Angelo.

There were no reports of injuries or damage.

Thunderstorms also produced golf ball-size hail east of Petersburg and in southwestern Floyd County.

An upper level disturbance generated more storms over northwest portions of Texas and Oklahoma. Hail the size of baseballs struck near Boise City, Okla., and Gruver, Texas.

Showers and thunderstorms were scattered from Tennessee to Pennsylvania early this morning, over the Carolinas, and over northern California.

Heavy rain also hit central Florida late Sunday and early today, with Orlando receiving 1.38 inches in the six hours ending at 2 a.m. EDT.

Fog was developing in the upper Ohio Valley, the lower Great Lakes, northern New England, northeastern Florida, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Today’s forecast called for severe thunderstorms in the southern and central Plains; showers and thunderstorms from the southern and central Plains through the lower Mississippi Valley to Georgia and the Carolinas. Thunderstorms were expected to be severe in the Plains region. Showers were forecast from New England across the lower Great Lakes, Michigan, southeast Wisconsin, northern Indiana and northern Ohio, as well as from Pennsylvania and New Jersey across the Virginias. Showers also were expected from Montana across Wyoming, much of Colorado, Utah and eastern Nevada.

Highs were forecast to be in the 50s and 60s from New England across the Appalachians, the Great Lakes, the Ohio Valley and eastern Tennessee, and from Montana across Colorado, from Idaho across central Arizona, northern Nevada and the California coast. Highs were expected to reach the 90s over southern Florida and south central Texas. Highs elsewhere were forecast to be in the 70s and 80s.

Temperatures at 2 a.m. EDT ranged from 38 degrees at Craig, Colo., Oscoda, Mich., and Sheridan, Wyo., to 80 degrees at Corpus Christi, Texas.

Other reports:

-East: Atlanta 62 foggy; Boston 54 partly cloudy; Buffalo 43 fair; Charleston, S.C. 67 foggy; Cincinnati 54 rain; Cleveland 41 foggy; Detroit 50 foggy; Miami 79 partly cloudy; New York 56 foggy; Philadelphia 55 foggy; Pittsburgh 49 foggy; Portland, Maine 44 foggy; Washington 55 fair.

-Central: Bismarck 51 fair; Chicago 51 hazy; Dallas-Fort Worth 67 cloudy; Denver 43 foggy; Des Moines 54 fair; Indianapolis 52 partly cloudy; Kansas City 55 partly cloudy; Minneapolis-St. Paul 57 partly cloudy; Nashville 62 foggy; New Orleans 65 partly cloudy; St. Louis 52 fair.

-West: Albuquerque 51 fair; Anchorage 43 cloudy; Las Vegas 62 cloudy; Los Angeles 58 cloudy; Phoenix 74 partly cloudy; Salt Lake City 50 cloudy; San Diego 60 cloudy; San Francisco 54 cloudy; Seattle 58 fair.

-Canada: Montreal 45 foggy; Toronto 43 foggy.

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