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Dolphins’ Rodgers Offered Probation

October 1, 2002

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MIAMI (AP) _ Miami Dolphins linebacker Derrick Rodgers would avoid jail time for charges he kicked and punched his wife and hit a man with a chair at a restaurant under a plea agreement released Tuesday by prosecutors.

Rodgers would serve five years of probation if he accepts the deal offered to his attorney on Sept. 5. Rodgers would also have to stay away from William Peguero, the man he allegedly hit with a chair, and not have any ``violent contact″ with his wife, Kareff Rodgers.

The deal includes a 26-week domestic battery intervention program, 100 hours of community service, written apologies to the victims, a $500 donation to a domestic violence prevention program and reimbursement for Peguero’s medical bills.

O’Donnell was out of town Tuesday and didn’t return a call for comment.

According to documents released by prosecutors, the 6-foot-1, 235-pound Rodgers approached his wife and Peguero, a man she was seated with at a South Beach restaurant on July 18. Rodgers accused his wife of cheating on him with Peguero.

When Peguero started to stand, Rodgers grabbed a metal chair and hit him over the head, cutting him, police said. The linebacker then kicked his wife as she tried to pick up her purse, and punched her in the chest as she got up.

The linebacker was later apologetic to police officers. He told an officer that ``I lost my mind″ and later apologized to Peguero, calling it a misunderstanding and offering to pay for his medical bills, the documents said.