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AM-Prep: Kickers

August 2, 2018


DURANGO, Colo. (AP) — It could have cost him his life. But for now, a Colorado man’s habit of intentionally feeding bears will set him back $1,000. The Durango Herald newspaper reports the man has been caught feeding bears three times in the past eight years. A resident called state wildlife officials — and backed up his claim with photos. Turns out the man had been fined twice before for feeding bears, which is against the law. If he continues his habit, he will pay the price — at least monetarily. He can be fined an additional $1,000 if he breaks the law again.


JAMESTOWN, N.Y. (AP) — It’s a serious look at a funny subject. The National Comedy Center is open for laughs. The $50 million cultural institution is in Jamestown, New York — the hometown of famed comedian Lucille Ball. It tells the story behind mankind’s efforts to evoke laughs from each other. The center was inspired by Ball. The town already had a museum dedicated to her — and she had said she wanted to see all comedy celebrated.


GRASS LAKE, Mich. (AP) — People who attend a wedding in Grass Lake, Michigan, this weekend can be forgiven for seeing double — and it will have nothing to do with overindulging in champagne at the reception. That’s because two sets of 24-year-old identical twins will be tying the knot. Identical twins Krissie and Kassie Bevier will marry Zack and Nick Lewan. Krissie and Zack will marry Friday, while Kassie and Nick will tie the knot the following day. The couples will share a reception Saturday. The couples had their first date together and got engaged at the same time. And in case you’re wondering — yes, the two couples plan to move in together into a two-bedroom apartment in Fenton.


BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Life in the fast lane may begin to be fast again — thanks to the efforts of police in the state of Idaho. They are starting to enforce a new law targeting slow drivers using the passing lanes of highways. So far two drivers have been poked with citations for being slow pokes in the left lane. Idaho State Police have given warnings to three other drivers. Under the new law, drivers who hold up traffic by going below the speed limit in the left lane could be fined up to $90.

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II

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