Orchids and Onions: Wednesday, July 11, 2018

July 11, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to following my friend into the bank, saying his dog needed water. Said she was watching him. Where ever he goes, the dog goes. Her food is made from scratch. She goes out on the ATV, boating, vacation, brushes her teeth nightly. Get facts before accusing. Neighbor

Orchids to our law enforcement professionals and God bless ICE.

Onions to rounding up burros. Humans invaded their backyard. Shoot burros for sport? That is downright cruel. We should respect what roams here. Matter of time, the Havasu we use to know will be gone, animals and all. Very sad!

Orchids to Rose of Sharon for helping me finally get a good night’s sleep. Their customer service was extraordinary. Made sure my lift chair order was expedited including driving to Phoenix to pick up my chair. Kathy Hodel

Onions to people who submit onions on school matters based on misinformation or their lack of information on the subject!

Orchids to the onion about the SUVs on Thursdays. It is a great idea. Sick of looking at your old hot rod. Waste of money, over and over again. Bring on the hot SUVs.

Orchids to resuming the regular schedule after truly shoddy mail delivery few weeks last month. Many days our street was skipped altogether. Sure glad we’re back to daily mail and customary friendly service.

Orchids to reminding me that a handshake is an ethical agreement of the past. Onions to me for forgetting that fact by taking a smile and that handshake as a deal. Enjoy your extortion money.

Orchids to Donna at O’Reilly Auto Parts. Great customer service. In 10 minutes she advised me on which windshield wipers to buy and then replaced them for me. I was in and out of the store in ten minutes. This woman deserves a raise!

Onions to the screechy speaker at the event. Had a great time for a good cause. Then the screeching began, causing everyone at our table to cover their ears. The order to shush up was just rude. Won’t attend any more fundraisers by that group.

Orchids to Hobby Lobby for sharing full page printout of quotes from Founding Fathers and other notables of that time illuminating the religious stance of the USA.

Orchids to the chip and seal company, the City, and taxpayers for the three new windshields I’ve received over the last five years.

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