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Dennis Fung Returns as Simpson Trial Focuses on Blood

April 17, 1995

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Trouble, trouble, trouble. Prosecutors in the O.J. Simpson trial hope to dig themselves out of it this week. The judge wants to get to the bottom of it.

Police criminalist Dennis Fung, after a grueling week under barbed defense questioning, returns to the witness stand today for considerably more friendly treatment by the prosecution.

So far, prosecution testimony has been aimed at showing motive and opportunity. Now the state must link Simpson to the forensic evidence _ the bloody glove, a knit cap, blood spots and shoe prints. So far, all remain unconnected to anyone.

Will the bloody glove found at Simpson’s estate prove to match his blood and that of the victims? Will hairs in the ski cap show the same characteristics as Simpson’s hair? And what about blood on the Bronco?

Answers will be up to DNA experts.

Deputy District Attorneys Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden called 39 witnesses to suggest that Simpson was obsessively jealous of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and that a careful examination of his movements on June 12 showed he had opportunity to kill her. They contend that her friend, Ronald Goldman was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Meanwhile, the defense has used cross-examinations to plant the seeds of its own theory: that Simpson fell victim to a police frame-up, and that key forensic evidence is unreliable because Fung’s work was so sloppy.

Defense lawyers were so giddy over attorney Barry Scheck’s attack against Fung that they poked fun at his Asian surname and handed out fortune cookies in court, drawing criticism from Asian-American activists and police Chief Willie Williams.

``I think the defense owes Mr. Fung an apology, they owe an apology to the Asian-American community, they owe an apology to the Los Angeles Police Department,″ Williams said today on NBC-TV’s ``Today.″

``Had this been a member of the LAPD who made that comment or an executive such as myself or others, people would have expected us to be in the unemployment this morning. It is not a joke.″

After they have a chance to rehabilitate Fung’s testimony this week, prosecutors plan to call Andrea Mazzola, a rookie criminalist who helped Fung collect blood and other evidence from Simpson’s home and the crime scene.

Outside court, Superior Court Judge Lance Ito has promised to interview each juror about claims of racial strife among jurors and preferential treatment by some deputies. The interviews are likely to be private.

Ito also plans to take up claims of misconduct by attorneys on both sides, and decide whether to impose sanctions. Ito said on Friday that he would instruct jurors that prosecutors unfairly withheld a document, but prosecutor Marcia Clark got him to wait he until he hears more arguments on Wednesday.

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