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May 6, 2019


STERLING, Va. (AP) — President Donald Trump has gone on Twitter — to criticize Twitter, and Facebook, too. Over the weekend, Trump tweeted and re-tweeted complaints about efforts by social networking sites to rein-in extremist figures. Last week, Facebook banned Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan and others for violating the site’s ban on what Facebook considers “dangerous individuals.” Trump has complained that the application of rules has fallen more heavily upon conservatives. Trump told his online followers that he is “monitoring and watching, closely!!” However, he didn’t specify what that means.


BERLIN (AP) — European and American investigators have broken up what they say is one of the world’s largest online criminal marketplaces for drugs, hacking tools and financial-theft programs. The raids were carried out in the United States, Germany and Brazil against those involved in the Wall Street Market. The suspects face charges of selling cocaine, heroin and other drugs online — as well as peddling forged documents and other illegal material. U.S. law enforcement officials have also charged suspects with conspiring to launder money and distribute illegal drugs. A federal prosecutor says the charges “will significantly disrupt the illegal sale of drugs on the dark-net” — as well as help curb the sale of hacking tools, illegal services and stolen financial data.


CYBERSPACE (AP) — People trying to get around town in New York City using ride-sharing apps may find the pickings slimmer than usual in a couple of days. An organization representing for-hire drivers in New York says its members will go on a two-hour strike against Uber and Lyft. The New York City Taxi Workers Alliance says its members voted not to drive for Uber or Lyft between 7 and 9 a.m. Wednesday. The work slowdown is timed to coincide with Uber’s initial public offering. The company aims to raise $9 billion in its IPO, set for Thursday.



Uber site: https://www.uber.com/

Lyft site: http://www.lyft.com


UNDATED (AP) — These days with so many of us owning any number of portable electronic devices, it can be tough to keep them all charged — and all in the same spot. The Lumicharge II LED desk lamp does a good job of making your nightstand a tidy pit stop to juice up everything from your smartphone to tablet, rechargeable ear-buds or other devices. Let’s start with the lamp part. It has a folding, dimmable arm that can be tilted, rotated — and even customized. It has several built-in lighting modes, ranging from a light bright enough for general desktop work to dimmer lighting for nighttime reading and studying. They can easily be set or changed with the touch of a button. It also has a motion activated nightlight for those who need their path brightened in the dark. The lower part of the light arm has a display that provides the time, date and temperature at an easy-to-read glance. Meanwhile, the charging part of the lamp touches all of the bases; you name it, you can charge it. It has an ingenious universal phone dock, which features a rotating dial for a USB-C charger, lightning port or micro USB dock. There is also a spot on the Lumicharge II base that can charge a wireless-charging phone like the new iPhone and Android models. There is also a standard USB port so you can charge a tablet, phone or other device off to the side of the lamp.



Lumicharge site: https://thelumicharge.com/

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II

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