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BC-AP News Digest 3 am

November 19, 2018

Here are the AP’s latest coverage plans, top stories and promotable content. All times EST. For up-to-the minute information on AP’s coverage, visit Coverage Plan at https://newsroom.ap.org




YEMEN — Yemeni rebels say they will halt rocket fire at Saudi Arabia. SENT: 140 words, photos.

GUATEMALA-VOLCANO OF FIRE — Evacuations urged near Guatemala’s erupting Volcano of Fire. SENT: 200 words, photos. UPCOMING: graphic.




NORTHERN CALIFORNIA WILDFIRE — The search for remains of victims of the devastating Northern California wildfire takes on new urgency as rain in the forecast could complicate those efforts while also bringing relief to firefighters on the front lines. Up to 400 people fanned out to search the ash and rubble where homes once stood before flames roared through the Sierra foothills town of Paradise and surrounding communities, killing at least 77 people in the deadliest U.S. wildfire in a century. By Sudhin Thanawala. SENT: 740 words, photos, videos. With CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES-STAYING BEHIND — In smoldering wildfire ruins, life goes on for a hardy few. For comprehensive coverage: https://www.apnews.com/Wildfires

SAUDI ARABIA-WRITER KILLED — President Donald Trump says there is no reason for him to listen to a recording of the “very violent, very vicious” killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which has put him in a diplomatic bind: how to admonish Riyadh for the slaying yet maintain strong ties with a close ally. By Deb Riechmann and Jonathan Lemire. SENT: 920 words, photos. TOP VIDEO: — US Trump Fox (CR) — Trump stresses Saudi crown prince’s denial. UPCOMING: King Salman speech at 7 a.m.

2020-NEW HAMPSHIRE 7/8— Even before they announce their White House intentions, New Hampshire’s ambitious neighbors are in the midst of a shadow campaign to shape the nation’s first presidential primary election of the 2020 season. By Steve Peoples. SENT: 1,040 words, photos. This is the Tuesday Spotlight.

ELECTION 2018-FLORIDA-RECOUNT — This was the year Florida’s Democrats spoke ambitiously of ending their 20-year journey in political exile in this battleground state. Instead, election results after a tense and bruising recount show Republicans coming out on top for governor and even picking up a U.S. Senate seat. After a recount dragged on for nearly two weeks, top Democratic candidates in the state came agonizingly close but fell short of their avowed goal. By Gary Fineout. SENT: 950 words, photos, videos. With ELECTION 2018-HOUSE-CALIFORNIA — Another House win caps Democratic rout in California.

OLDER WORKERS-RETIREMENT PLANS — The recent turbulence in the U.S. stock markets is spooking some older workers and retirees, a group that was hit particularly hard during the most recent financial crisis. By Andrew Soergel. SENT: 830 words, photos.

GROWING UP DIGITAL-SCREENHEADS — Many American parents are engaged in a battle over screen time with their kids — and It’s not going well. Ninety-five percent of U.S. teens have their own mobile devices, and many see screen-time limits as unjustified punishment. By National Writer Martha Irvine. UPCOMING: By 9 a.m., photos. An abridged version will also be sent.




BLOOMBERG-DONATION — Bloomberg donates “unprecedented” $1.8 billion to Johns Hopkins. SENT: 320 words, photo.

TRUMP-SCHIFF FEUD — Trump uses derisive nickname for Rep. Adam Schiff in tweet. SENT: 140 words, photo.

BROWNS-CONDOLEEZZA RICE — Browns GM: Team not discussed Condoleezza Rice as coach. SENT: 630 words, photos.

TAIWAN-GOLDEN HORSE AWARDS-CONTROVERSY — Taiwan president defends pro-independence film award winner. SENT: 380 words, photo.

JONESTOWN 40TH MEMORIALS — Jonestown memorials held at cemetery with remains of 400. SENT: 140 words, photos.




TRUMP — Trump isn’t committing to a previous pledge to keep chief of staff John Kelly for the remainder of his term, part of widespread speculation about staffing changes that could soon sweep through his administration. SENT: 670 words, photos.

FACT CHECK-WEEK — Trump is going too far in assigning most of the blame for California’s devastating wildfires on the state’s forest management. SENT: 2,520 words, photos.




COLORADO FAMILY KILLED — A Colorado man is set to be sentenced after pleading guilty to murdering his pregnant wife and their two young daughters and dumping their bodies on an oil work site. SENT: 650 words, photo. UPCOMING: Sentencing at noon.

CHRISTMAS TREE SUPPLY — A tight supply of Christmas trees means shoppers may not get the exact specimen they want but there are enough evergreens to go around. UPCOMING: 900 words by 10 a.m., photos.




HONG KONG-UMBRELLA MOVEMENT TRIAL — Three protest leaders and six others go on trial for their involvement in the “Occupy Central” demonstration that paralyzed Hong Kong’s financial district for more than two months in 2014. SENT: 310 words, photos.

THAILAND-CHILD BOXING — The sight of two preteen boys pummeling each other with fists, elbows, knees and feet as a boisterous crowd shouts wagers is considered good, clean sport in Thailand, but a boy’s recent death may bring changes. SENT: 1,110 words, photos.




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