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May 14, 1988

Undated (AP) _ ″What it says is that the bigger you are and if you have more threats to give to this country, we’ll let you get away with criminality.″ - U.S. Attorney Leon Kellner, explaining his objections about dismissing drug trafficking charges against Panamanian military leader Manuel Antonio Noriega.


″While our national symbol is making a recovery, it cannot sustain this rate of loss month after month nor will we tolerate it.″ - Frank Dunkle, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official, commenting on the deaths of 10 bald eagles that apparently ate illegally poisoned animal carcasses.


″There is an urgent need not only to protect youth from drug consumption but to combat trafficking itself, which is a totally infamous activity.″ - Pope John Paul, condemning drug trafficking in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

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