They’ve got 52 flavors and then some: Torrington ice cream truck returns after brief hiatus

September 28, 2018

TORRINGTON — For the past two summers, the Bee Chilled has been serving the Goshen County area by bringing cool treats out to their customers.

Wylie Martinez said she got the first inklings of the ice cream bus while watching her daughter, Tayce, playing.

“My daughter was playing ‘ice-cream shop’ when she was really little,” she said. “She always wanted to have an ice cream store and sell ice cream.”

She was also inspired by the ice cream trucks she would see while visiting Colorado.

“They intrigued me,” she said. “It just kind of made me think it was something I’d want to do.”

The family found a shuttle bus and were able to turn it into an ice cream bus, both inside and out. The family installed freezers and refrigerators in the interior and added a generator to run the appliances.

“It took a lot of hours, a lot of hard work to do it,” Wylie said. “My husband (Marcos) worked his butt off trying to get it ready for me.”

The first Bee Chilled bus made it through the summer of 2017, running routes and attending events. On the first outing of 2018, however, the bus was totaled in an accident, and the Martinez family spent the rest of the summer refitting an old school bus. It wasn’t until the start of September that the bus came back, ready to run again. While the full variety of flavors have not yet returned, Wylie said the bus is still packed with 53 different kinds of treats, including Mexican de platas bars and Ramune, a type of Japanese pop.

“We try to offer certain things that you can’t just run down to the grocery store to get,” she said.

Running the bus is a family affair. The Martinez family, along with Wylie’s parents, operate and maintain the vehicle, and Wylie hopes to use the bus as a teaching tool for their children.

“I have two older boys, and I hope it’s something for them as well, when they get to the age where they can do this as well,” she said. “Teach them a work ethic and manners. They’re already starting to learn that, because they helped a lot last summer.”

A full menu can be found at Bee Chilled’s Facebook page. The bus can be booked for events by calling 307-575-3295.

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