Your Style: Jennifer Woodford

February 3, 2019
Jennifer Woodford for Style.

Rochester Area Foundation President Jennifer Woodford says she is and has been happy to work where she can help give back to the community that has been a good place for families to live — including hers.

“My husband, Eric, and I are busy with our kids, jobs and community activities,” she said. “Our daughter, Maddie, is a sophomore at Winona State University and son, Will, is a junior at John Marshall. Our dog Paige is happy taking up all of the extra attention I have to give now that my kids are able to drive themselves all over town.”

“We have lived in Rochester for 19 years,” she continued. “I grew up in the Chicago area and graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. — go Cats! Before joining Rochester Area Foundation I served as the executive director of Channel One Regional Food Bank.”

How do you describe your style?

My style is pretty different depending on what the day brings — very much situational. A day with a board meeting most likely involves a suit or jacket. A day of meetings running from place to place is dressy but comfortable pants and shoes with professional top, could be a jacket, blouse or sweater depending on the weather. Grocery shopping on Sunday — leggings and a sweatshirt. A more formal occasion — a dress with heels. Cheering on my son at a basketball game — tennis shoes, jeans and a John Marshall hoodie. Go, Rockets!

Sources of inspiration?

Sometimes I see someone with a bold print or color that I love on them — and that inspires me to want to step out of the box more.

How has your style changed with your stages in life?

I definitely emphasize comfort now, but still want to look nice and leave a good impression.

What do you hope your style says to people?

That my organization and I are (entities) that they want to work with — and that together we can make a difference in our community. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a jacket!

Your most essential wardrobe components?

During the winter, black pants. Every once in a while, a pair of navy or tan pants. During the summer months, I will mix in some colorful capris with bright tops. For work, I have several dresses that I turn to when I need something fancier, but I still make sure they are comfortable.

What should every well-dressed woman have in her wardrobe?

I have a weakness for a good bag — big enough to hold everything I need for a full day of meetings, but also stylish. I try to match my bag to the day — both in color and function.

Good shoes can totally make an outfit. They can also ruin your day if they are not comfortable! My goal is good shoes that are stylish, but don’t leave me hobbled over in pain.

For me, jewelry is the key to finishing any outfit. It ranges from very simple or elegant to larger statement pieces. Just like with a bag, I try to match my jewelry to the day … and a little bit on my mood!

Any priceless sentimental items in your wardrobe?

I have some pieces of jewelry that my grandmother gave me. Those are pieces I will wear on special occasions or when I need a lift on a big day.

Something in your wardrobe people would find surprising?

Crocs. I only wear them walking the dog or to and from the gym, but they come in so handy!

Preferred colors to wear?

Purple is my favorite color. And I have a lot of gray and black pieces that I can mix and match. Being a John Marshall family, I also have a lot of red and black!

Something especially “Minnesota” about your style?

Not really — unless you count a lot of Gopher gear.

Advice for readers?

I Love to shop. With a capital L. But I also love, with a capital L, a good bargain — whether it’s for me or to help someone else find the perfect item for them, I get the same joy either way.

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