Beaver Dam Middle School schedule revisited

December 18, 2018

The Beaver Dam Unified School District will be reviewing a schedule over the next few months that increases the math and English class times for Beaver Dam Middle School, while not disturbing the elective options for the students.

Beaver Dam Middle School Principal Christine Ziemann and Sandra David, the district’s director of teaching and learning, spoke during a school board workshop on Monday about the proposed changes to the schedule.

Administration officials had previously suggested reducing the class day from eight to seven periods to increase instructional time in core classes, but the suggestion brought concerns from teachers, parents and students about the reduction of elective options for the students.

Jackson Uttech, a student at Beaver Dam Middle School, attended the meeting on Monday and said that the changes would make an impact in the learning at the school.

“I think it is a good compromise from where we were at the beginning of the summer,” said Uttech’s mother, Jennifer Steiner.

A committee of administration members, parents, teachers, board members and a support staff member have met since October investigating scheduling options and narrowed down the choices for the schedule from four options to one, David said.

The option chosen will allow for nine-period days at the school, Ziemann said. Students would have 85-minute classes in English language arts and math. In science, social studies and electives, the students will have 41-minute classes. They will have a 14-minute advisory period that will be held after lunch and still be able to take three electives.

“It is a good compromise or mix of many different ideas and schedules,” Ziemann said.

Students will need movement breaks during the longer class periods, Ziemann said.

The proposed schedule will come before the school board in February. If approved, students will see the impact at the start of the next school year.

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