TAMPA, Fla. (AP) _ Carl Everett missed the team bus for the second time this spring and was sent home by Boston manager Jimy Williams before Tuesday's game against the New York Yankees.

Everett, originally in the starting lineup, arrived at Legends Field in a private vehicle and was scratched by Williams, who has a rule that players must ride the team bus.

Williams said he addressed the situation with Everett before the Red Sox beat the Yankees 11-2. Asked if he thought the meeting was productive, Williams said, ``I believe it was. I believe everyone will be fine. I really do.''

He added the outfielder will sit out Wednesday's game against Tampa Bay and will play Thursday against Minnesota in Fort Myers.

``He missed a bus,'' teammate Lou Merloni said. ``He's missed two buses. He's not going out and killing people. He's not a menace to society.

''(Williams) made a rule. That's that. It's up to us to follow. He'll deal with Carl like he deals with everybody.''

Everett lives in the Tampa area and reportedly returned home Monday night. He planned to meet the team at Legends Field, which is a violation of Red Sox rules.

``We have a rule,'' Williams said. ``You ride the bus or the van up.''

On March 7, Everett missed the bus from Fort Myers to Clearwater for a game against Philadelphia.

Everett hit .300 with 34 homers and 108 RBIs in his first season with Boston last year.

He said last year he never liked Williams and irritated the manager by showing up late for a game against Cleveland. That day, he got into a clubhouse argument with outfielder Darren Lewis, and Williams later was upset that general manager Dan Duquette didn't discipline Everett.

Williams and Everett spoke in December at the winter meetings in Dallas, and Everett has not been critical this spring.