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Parachutist Dies in Leap From Los Angeles High-Rise

December 18, 1989

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ A skydiver died Sunday when he, his son and others leaped from a building more than 40 stories high in a parachuting sport called base jumping, a police official said.

Richard A. Pedley, 57, of Walnut leaped from the building in the Century City neighborhood around 1:30 a.m. along with four or five other people, said police Sgt. Curt Hussey.

Pedley’s parachute either became snagged or tangled on the building, and he plunged into a nearby construction site.

Pedley was flown to the University of California-Los Angeles Medical Center, where he died later in the morning, Hussey said.

Pedley’s 22-year-old son, Richard A. Pedley Jr., stayed at the site and was cited for trespassing. The other skydivers fled before police arrived, Hussey said.

Base jumping is done from fixed objects, either manmade or natural, such as sheer cliff faces or bridges over deep ravines. A clandestine activity in most instances, base jumpers usually make their attempts at odd hours.