Dave’s Dummy: Scammed

July 14, 2018

Scammers have feelings too.

Back in March, a person in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire got scammed by someone overseas. That dummy scammer stole the person’s identity, ordered a laptop in the person’s name, and had it delivered to a UPS location in New Hampshire.

The next step was to get the laptop shipped to him overseas. So he posted a job ad, looking for someone locally to pick up the laptop at UPS and ship it to him.

Another dummy, 51-year-old woman named Jennifer Wozmak answered the ad.

But when she picked up the laptop, she DIDN’T ship it to the guy. She kept it, and shipped him a box full of magazines instead.

It’s not clear if she knew he was a scammer who’d bought the laptop illegally, or if her decision to steal it was totally independent.

But either way, after a long investigation, the cops found her, and she was arrested for theft for scamming the scammer.

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