Workforce recruitment highlighted at state chamber forum

October 11, 2018

NORFOLK - Nebraska Chamber of Commerce leaders and state lawmakers from the area met at the Norfolk Public Library Monday for their annual forum.

The event was one of 30 held across the state from August through October and was designed to allow the State Chamber to gather input from business leaders, and provide summaries of recent state legislation.

Nebraska Chamber President Bryan Slone said as he has traveled the state over the past six months, the number one issue he is seeing is a decreasing workforce population.

Slone said the state and communities in general need to develop a strategy for workforce recruitment.

“We have a whole generation out there that for the first time wants exactly what we have here which is the highest quality of life in the country” Slone said.

“We do a miserable job of marketing to our young people and marketing to young people in other places that this is a one of kind opportunity to raise a family, have a great career, make a difference, start a business, and that these are exactly the type of communities you’re looking for” Slone added.

Jim Smith, executive director for Blueprint Nebraska, highlighted the recently formed organization that is spearheading a statewide economic development initiative.

Smith said they’re currently gathering feedback from business leaders statewide via an online survey. It can be found at Blueprint-Nebraska.org.

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