Canadian firm to purchase Cabela’s building

January 12, 2019

SIDNEY — A Toronto, Canada-based logistics management company has entered into an agreement with Bass Pro Shops to purchase one of Cabela’s corporate buildings.

Officials with MMP Enterprises visited Sidney in October and toured the building at 1 Cabela Dr. for a possible expansion into the United States. MMP offers order fulfillment services, shipping everything from small orders to full truckloads of palletized goods.

MMP Enterprises President Mark Priemer had originally considered Buffalo, New York, and Detroit for his company’s first expansion into the United States because of their proximity to Toronto. But a friend with the Canadian custom brokerage firm A.D. Rutherford International pointed him in the direction of Sidney.

“Rutherford just opened a small office here,” Melissa Norgard, economic development director for the City of Sidney, said. “When they found out MMP wanted to expand, they told them about Sidney.”

Norgard said that during the visit, she told MMP officials about the community, its available workforce and buildings. By the end of the trip, they were sold.

“They’re finalizing the details for sale of the building now,” Norgard said. “MMP hopes to have the sale wrapped up within the next 90 days.”

The logistics company also wants to start hiring as soon as possible after they close on the building.

“We had a career fair here on Jan. 9 and they talked with several people in the community,” she said. “MMP is looking to hire their management staff all the way down to shippers and fulfillment people for their warehousing operation. They want to hire local.”

In a prepared statement, Priemer said that anyone can put up a brick-and-mortar facility, but it’s the people that make it successful.

“I admire that this city has no quit in it,” he said. “The stories are marvelous from every individual we have talked to. They are tremendously qualified for every job function. I would say, as an employer, I’d be a fool not to locate here.”

MMP is estimating it will hire at least 155 people over the next three years. Norgard said that number could be higher as the company continues to develop the business model for its first expansion outside of Canada.

“When MMP started talking with some of their clients and customers from Canada, the customers were pleased the company was looking at expanding into the U.S.,” Norgard said. “They were also happy MMP would be in the middle of the country where it’s at most a two-day trip to anywhere else.”

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