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Arsenio’s Keyboardist Walks Out over Dice Man

July 10, 1990

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Foul-mouthed comedian Andrew Dice Clay sparked another late-night television boycott, this time on ″The Arsenio Hall Show,″ it was announced Monday.

Starr Parodi, the keyboard player in Hall’s house band, refused to perform in Tuesday’s show featuring the stand-up comic.

″As an employee of ‘The Arsenio Hall Show,’ I cannot show my disapproval of Clay by turning the channel, but I can refuse to play in the band, which is a function I have performed for every guest that has appeared ... to date,″ Parodi said.

Clay, who is on the talk-show circuit to promote the Wednesday opening of his feature film ″Ford Fairlane,″ is known for his expletive-laden routines that contain vulgar references to women, homosexuals and minorities.

Upon hearing about the boycott, Clay said it was all a mistake and that he believed Parodi would decide to appear.

″It’s a goof,″ he told an Associated Press reporter. ″She’ll be there. Believe me, she’ll be there. That girl is crazy is about me.″

A planned appearance later this week on CNN’s ″Larry King Live″ has sparked no protest so far, said network spokeswoman Alison Hill.

His appearance as a guest host on Saturday Night Live two months ago prompted a walkout by cast member Nora Dunn and a last-minute cancellation by Irish pop star Sinead O’Connor.

Several groups also have vowed to picket the opening of ″Ford Fairlane″ to protest the comedian’s routines.

Parodi’s boycott of the Hall show will consist of the musician refusing to leave her dressing room during Tuesday evening’s taping, according to Hall’s publicist. The syndicated program is televised at 11:00 p.m. in most U.S. cities.

Parodi said she believed Clay was entitled to express himself on television, but ″as a matter of fact, his material offends me.″

Asked why Hall, who is black, would put the allegedly racist comedian on his show, publicist Dana Freedman replied, ″It is Arsenio’s opinion that banning a comedian from his show...is not the way to handle the situation. Rather his preference is to deal with the comedian’s attitude head on.″