SNYDER: How to explain Mahomes? Or Harper? Or Anthony?

December 27, 2018

Once again, it’s time to check off some items on my “TIDU List” Things I Don’t Understand.


How can Patrick Mahomes be this good?

He didn’t play football full-time until his sophomore year at Texas Tech. But the Chiefs’ quarterback has made up for lost time with highlights that defy the laws of physics. His ability to throw accurate passes on the run and across his body is hard to comprehend, even after repeated replays. “Arm talent” is jargon, but Mahomes makes it plain.

He might not win the MVP, but he’s the Must Watch Player.

And then, there’s this:

Why were NFL defenses counted out?

In a pass-happy league with a slew of safety guidelines and other rules benefiting the offense, it’s a wonder that teams like Chicago and Baltimore are thriving. The Ravens have flipped the calendar to 2001, with rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson playing the role of Trent Dilfer. The Bears have resurrected their “Monsters of the Midway,” with linebacker Khalil Mack as the latest unstoppable force.

Defense doesn’t win championships, but it can help.

How can RFK 2.0 possibly be considered beneficial to District residents?

No one who truly cares about the city can support rebuilding RFK. Even if it includes year-round amenities.

Like most urban centers, the District has more pressing needs. “Every dollar and every square foot that we put into a stadium and parking lot is one that we’re not putting into affordable housing or local businesses or parks and green spaces,” D.C. Council member Charles Allen said.

Which means a new RFK is totally possible.

Why would Bryce Harper pick the Nationals over the Dodgers?

When Los Angeles traded Matt Kemp and Yasil Puig last week, conveniently clearing room in its outfield, the stage was set for Harper to get everything he possibly wants. A fat contract. A storied franchise. A short trip to his hometown, Las Vegas. No other team can go 3-for-3 in those categories, not the Yankees, Cubs or Nationals. Besides, Harper screams Hollywood.

Now, Philadelphia not getting him is Washington’s best-case scenario.

How could Carmelo Anthony help the Wizards?

For reasons unknown, Anthony was linked to the Wizards last week. But the team has no use for the former All-Star languishing on Houston’s roster. Granted, the Wizards need more shaking up than new acquisitions Sam Dekker and Ron Baker can provide. However, Anthony isn’t the answer. He’d be better off helping a legitimate playoff contender with his experience and remaining ability.

But with Ernie Grunfeld still in charge, be afraid.

Why does Mac McClung get such outrageous hype?

The Georgetown freshman became a social media sensation with viral dunks in high school. His legend took off further when he broke Virginia’s single-season scoring record previously set by Allen Iverson. McClung generated more chatter by signing at Iverson’s alma mater. On Saturday, the 6-2 guard scored a career-high 38 points, the most by a Hoya freshman since 1963, according to NBC Sports Washington.

But he’s not “White Iverson,” so stop it.

Why do the Warriors’ results in the regular season results even matter?

Golden State has suffered four 20-point losses at home this season, twice as many as it suffered under Steve Kerr in the previous four seasons combined. The Lakers pulled off a Christmas Day rout, 121-101, despite missing LeBron James for the final 20 minutes. “They played like they had nothing to lose,” Warriors guard Stephen Curry told reporters afterward. Conversely, Golden State played like it had nothing to win.

That won’t change until April.

How is unruly language protected speech?

Here’s another misinterpretation of the First Amendment: A pair of New York Giants fans allege that their free speech was violated when they were arrested and expelled from a game. According to the lawsuit, brothers Patrick and Kyle Flynn were warned to cease but again stood up and flipped off Giants players while screaming “you (expletive) suck.” The brothers believe their comments and gestures are protected expression.

They should be charged with public idiocy.

Why does an Outback Bowl exec earn $1 million?

Jim McVay negotiates contracts and sells sponsorships and tickets for one game each year, “a second-tier bowl featuring third-place teams” as The Washington Post described it in a recent article. For his troubles, McVay pulled down $1,045,000 in 2017. His pay has more than tripled over the last 20 years. Meanwhile, players in the bowl game receive $550 of souvenir gifts.

This is college sports’ graft at its finest, pure and simple.

How are decisions made in Ashburn?

Washington’s NFL team has a tradition of making odd decisions lately, and this season is no exception. Choosing Mark Sanchez over Josh Johnson and choosing Reuben Foster at all stand out. Cutting D.J. Swearinger is another head-scratcher. When coach Jay Gruden mentioned possible discipline for the safety’s repeated public critiques, I figured an overdue suspension, or at least a fine, was appropriate.

Like winning, nuance is a foreign concept to this organization.

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