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Bradley Says ‘No’ to Gore-Bradley

November 4, 1999

EXETER, N.H. (AP) _ Democrat Bill Bradley, who left the Senate complaining that the system was broken, said today he wants to be president to restore trust to the political process.

But the former New Jersey senator said he could not envision himself sharing a ticket with Vice President Al Gore. Asked on CBS’ ``Early Show″: ``If you don’t win, you’re out of this, then?″

``That’s right,″ Bradley replied. ``But I’ll win.″

He defended his decision to retire from the Senate in 1997, saying: ``Only in Washington is (there) the point of view that you can only serve here in Washington.″

Bradley said he has been able to raise $20 million for his campaign because ``millions of people are responding to the fact that I’m strongly supportive of campaign finance reform.″

``I think that’s true because these are people who have never been part of the political process, and they see that I’m holding myself to a standard higher than the existing law″ on campaign contributions, he said.

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