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Thunderstorms Rumble Over Colorado, Oklahoma

July 14, 1989

Undated (AP) _ Strong thunderstorms drenched Oklahoma early today, and tornadoes touched down in Colorado.

Thunderstorms in eastern Colorado early today and Thursday evening spawned tornadoes near Hugo and Limon. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 58 mph at Colorado Springs.

An upper level disturbance over the Oklahoma Panhandle along with warm, unstable air triggered thunderstorms with heavy rainfall in Oklahoma, south- central Kansas and western Arkansas.

More than 3 inches of rain fell near Pocasset, Okla. More than 1 inches drenched Fort Smith, Ark., in less than a half-hour.

Showers and thunderstorms occurring near a cold front also were producing heavy rains in parts of the Carolinas and Virginia. More than an inch of rain fell in 20 minutes at Durham, N.C.

Other showers and thunderstorms were scattered over South Dakota, Nebraska, the central Appalachians and parts of New England.

Tropical Storm Barry continued to weaken today after being downgraded to a tropical depression as it drifted westward across the Atlantic with top winds of 35 mph.

At 6 a.m. EDT, the depression’s center was about 425 miles northeast of the northern Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles.

National Hurricane Center forecaster Hal Gerrish said it was rare for a system to regain strength once it’s been downgraded, but that if this one does, it would not threaten any land for at least two to three days.

Today’s forecast called for scattered showers and thunderstorms in the central Gulf Coast, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, the western Plains and northern Rockies; and scattered showers in much of New England.

Predicted highs: 60s and 70s in the northern Atlantic Coast, the Great Lakes, the upper Mississippi and Ohio valleys, the northern Plains, the northern Rockies and part of the Pacific Coast; 90s in the southern Atlantic Coast, the lower Mississippi Valley, the southern Plains and the southern Rockies; 100s in the desrt Southwest and interior valleys of California; and 80s elsewhere.

Temperatures around the nation at 3 a.m. EDT ranged from 48 degrees at Yellowstone Park in Wyoming to 96 in Phoenix.

Other reports:

-East: Atlanta 73 foggy; Boston 67 fair; Buffalo 60 fair; Charleston, S.C. 76 fair; Cincinnati 65 fair; Cleveland 67 partly cloudy; Detroit 56 fair; Miami 78 fair; New York 65 partly cloudy; Philadelphia 64 fair; Pittsburgh 64 partly cloudy; Portland, Maine 65 partly cloudy; Washington 68 fog.

-Central: Bismarck 68 cloudy; Chicago 66 partly cloudy; Dallas-Fort Worth 80 cloudy; Denver 63 fair; Des Moines 67 fair; Indianapolis 61 fair; Kansas City 72 partly cloudy; Minneapolis-St. Paul 63 fair; Nashville 70 hazy; New Orleans 74 showers; St. Louis 72 fair.

-West: Albuquerque 73 fair; Anchorage 61 cloudy; Las Vegas 86 fair; Los Angeles 65 partly cloudy; Phoenix 93 fair; Salt Lake City 66 fair; San Diego 63 cloudy; San Francisco 55 partly cloudy; Seattle 58 fair.

-Canada: Montreal 63 partly cloudy; Toronto 59 partly cloudy.

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