Batter up for fish, vegetables, onion rings

October 5, 2018

Son-in-law Mose took son Kevin, 13, out hunting on Saturday. Kevin shot his first deer, so that was exciting for him.

Mose said the first thing Kevin said when he saw the deer lying there was, “Is that even enough meat to feed all eight of us?” Mose helped with the processing.

Kevin was really tired from walking through the woods, but was glad he finally was able to go hunting. He passed his hunter’s safety course two years ago but had never gone hunting until Saturday.

My husband Joe doesn’t have to work tomorrow, so he hopes to make deer jerky with some of the meat. He has it marinating in the refrigerator.

Last weekend son Benjamin and daughter Loretta went salmon fishing with Loretta’s special friend Dustin’s family. They had a nice time even though they didn’t catch any salmon. A few others did catch some. It’s a big fish to catch!

Last night Loretta went to Dustin’s parents’ house, where his family enjoyed some of the salmon that Dustin’s brother caught.

Our married daughters and granddaughters came home yesterday for the day. Our sons-in-law came in the evening, and they were all here for supper. It’s always so fun to spend time with the sweet little granddaughters.

Recently we went to niece Emma’s special friend Menno’s house for a fish fry. We were served a delicious supper. Menno lives on the property son-in-law Timothy lived on before he was married. So it always brings back memories going to his house. It was a nice evening, and we ate outside under canopies. All our family was there along with sister Emma, Jacob and family and sisters Verena and Susan. The fish was deep fried outdoors in a propane deep-fryer.

A reader requested this recipe for the breading we use for fish, zucchini, onion rings — anything we deep fry.

Batter for deep-fat frying

1/2 cup milk

1 egg

3/4 cup flour

1/2 teaspoon salt (or seasoning of your choice)

Mix together all ingredients and stir until lumps are smooth. Dip fish fillets or sliced vegetables in the batter. Drop in hot oil in a deep frying pan or Dutch oven. Fry until golden brown.

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