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Police Academy Hopefuls Charged With Murder, Robbery

December 8, 1996

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (AP) _ Two men trying to raise money to attend the police academy by robbing a jewelry store were charged with murder after the botched heist resulted in the death of a third suspect.

Kevin Carter, 21, and Michael Harrison, 26, are charged with second-degree murder, attempted murder and armed robbery for the Nov. 22 attempt. A third suspect, Antonio Ortiz, 24, died after store owner Marc Bonfiglio shot him in the hip. Police say the murder charges stem from Ortiz’s death.

Carter, who was wounded in the legs by Bonfiglio, was arrested hours after the attempt at a hospital where police say he was taken in the getaway car. Harrison surrendered Thursday.

Harrison told police that he and Carter wanted to be police officers but did not have $2,500 to enroll in the academy at Palm Beach Community College.

``He even told me they had talked about how hard it might be to work, attend the academy and support their families,″ Detective Andy Kalin said.

Detectives who interviewed Carter didn’t buy the story at first.

``He actually said, `I guess I can’t become a police officer now,‴ Detective Ray Schilke said. ``I couldn’t fathom that he could want to be a police officer and be involved in something that police try to prevent.″

Carter’s mother, Sharon Plummer, said her son had wanted to become a police officer since he was a teen-ager.

``That’s all he talked about,″ she said Friday. ``He was into it so much that he even took a course to become a security guard in November. He got a diploma for that.″

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