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Police Identify 7 Victims of Milwaukee Massacre With PM-Body Parts-Profile, Bjt

July 26, 1991

MILWAUKEE (AP) _ Police identified the remains of seven people they said were killed and mutilated by Jeffrey L. Dahmer, and said they included a 14-year-old boy whose brother Dahmer was convicted of molesting three years ago.

Dahmer, 31, who police say has confessed to the slayings, showed no emotion during a court appearance Thursday as he was charged with four counts of murder.

At the time of Dahmer’s court appearance, only four victims had been identified. Authorities believe he is responsible for 17 killings over the last 10 years and say more charges are likely to lodged as victims continue to be identified.

One of those who has been identified was the 14-year-old brother of a 13- year-old boy Dahmer was sentenced to prison for molesting in 1988. Dahmer was freed on probation after he wrote to a judge that he would never be involved in another such incident.

Police in Germany, where Dahmer served in the U.S. Army from June 1979 to March 1981, said Thursday that they were investigating whether Dahmer was involved in murders there.

Willi Fundermann, spokesman for Germany’s federal police, said Dahmer was being checked in connection with a number of unresolved killings, but he did not elaborate.

″We have no concrete information for the time being,″ Fundermann said. ″But we are investigating.″

The mass-circulation newspaper Bild reported in today’s editions that Dahmer was being examined in connection with five unsolved murders in central Germany during his time there.

In Milwaukee, authorities said seven human skulls, four fleshed heads and a kettle containing what was believed to be decomposed hands and a genital organ were among the parts found in Dahmer’s apartment.

Police officers were led to the apartment Monday by a man who said Dahmer invited him over for a beer, then handcuffed him and tried to kill him before he managed to escape.

Police also were reviewing an incident in which a woman said police did not come to the aid of a boy who tried to escape from Dahmer on May 27.

WISN-TV in Milwaukee reported Thursday that an 18-year-old Milwaukee woman saw a bleeding, naked Asian boy running down a street near Dahmer’s apartment. Nicole Childress said a man she believed was Dahmer wrestled the boy away from her after she called police.

Police concluded it was a homosexual affair and declined to intervene, WISN reported.

″We are aware of that incident and reserve comment until we review the officer’s actions,″ Capt. Joseph Purpero said Thursday.

In all, Dahmer is suspected of 17 slayings over the past 10 years.

Remains of 11 victims were found in his house, and investigators learned of six more slayings from Dahmer and from information they gained independently, Police Chief Philip Arreola said.

Police say Dahmer drugged his victims, strangled them and engaged in homosexual acts with several of them. He kept the heart of one victim to eat later, he told police.

Dahmer also told authorities he took photographs of some victims after dismembering them.

In three cases, Dahmer offered victims money to pose nude or watch videos, according to court records. One victim stayed with him for two days and was ″given a drink with a sleeping potion in it″ when he wanted to leave.

″When the man fell asleep, he strangled him and then had anal sex with him after death,″ the complaint charged.

The victims identified as of Thursday were: Conerak Sinthasomphone, 14, Milwaukee; Oliver Lacy, 23, Milwaukee; Jeremiah Weinberger, 23, Chicago; Matt Turner, 20, Chicago; Joseph Bradehoft, 25, Greenville, Ill.; Anthony Hughes, 31, Madison; and Ricky Beeks, 33, Milwaukee.

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