Orchids and Onions: Monday, March 18, 2019

March 19, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Rachel and Kent from Scoops for the nonstop sundaes you served the Balloonfest volunteers. The ice cream was delicious and your service couldn’t be beat. Grateful volunteers.

Onions to dimwit millennial in the bar, telling friends and anyone within hearing distance that my tattoo was sexist. TCB does not stand for certain body parts as you loudly informed folks. If you were an Elvis fan you’d know it means “Taking Care of Business.” I wish you would mind your own!

Orchids to Mayor Sheehy. I hope you will use some of the two million you just received to fix our streets like Acoma Blvd. Also I think the speed limit on Southwind Blvd. should be set to 35 miles per hour. It’s time.

Onions to sales manager for giving the top award to them. You knew our team’s auto-dialer was on the blink. We believe it was sabotaged yet cannot prove such. Many on our crew are making calls from private phones. Telemarketing is tough enough without a worthless manager like you. Please resign!

Orchids to Nathaniel at Mohave Integrated Systems. I would like to personally thank you for your assistance. Your professionalism in assisting us with our house alarm problem was amazing. Sorry to have woken you up. Thank you, BK

Onions to the Valentine’s Day onion. If you leave work emotionally unstable over a gift delivery, you need more than help than flowers and candy will do. Get professional help.

Orchids to Harriet at Burgers by the Bridge. Seriously the best BLT I have ever eaten. Delicious! Thanks V.C. employee

Onions to the person who would ban receipt of Valentine’s Day flowers or candy in the work place. Why not ban Valentine’s Day everywhere, so no one gets offended. Are you a member of the “Everybody should get a trophy” crowd also?

Orchids to the bakery department at Basha’s. They are so helpful, especially Rob – you showed customer service at its finest. And the freshest donuts I have EVER had!

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