Few details released in Johnston murder-suicide involving two 14-year-olds

September 25, 2018

A day after two 14-year-olds were found dead in a home near Angier in what the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office has called a murder-suicide, investigators still haven’t released the names of the teens or revealed who shot whom.

A man found his son and a girl dead inside his home at 206 Clayton Road on Monday evening, authorities said.

“My mom got home with my sister, and [the man] had just got home as well, and he walked inside and, I guess, saw [his son and the girl dead] and came outside and was screaming, crying,” neighbor Cheyanne DeRosa said Tuesday. “Right after that, all the cops showed up, and they put up all the crime scene tape.”

The man told investigators that the gun used in the crime was usually locked up inside his home.

Investigators said there was no suicide note left at the scene.

The boy was a freshman at West Johnston High School in Benson, while the girl was home-schooled.

On Tuesday morning, neighbors awoke to see a blood-stained couch and cushions strewn about the front yard of the house where the shootings occurred.

“At around 12:30 this morning, they started throwing everything outside, and then they all left,” DeRosa said. “My mom, actually, when she saw something like that, she ran and threw up. It’s just horrible. You don’t want to see that.”

DeRosa and other neighbors said they didn’t know the family well. They moved in a few years ago and kept to themselves, neighbors said.

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