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Iraq Allows Peace Camp on Saudi Border, Activists Say

December 7, 1990

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) _ Iraq has authorized a group of Western pacifists to set up a peace camp at the Saudi border between the anti-Iraqi multinational force and Baghdad’s troops, a British activist said Friday.

Pat Arrowsmith, the leader of the group calling itself the Gulf Peace Team, said the first 100 volunteers will establish their camp Dec. 17. She said hundreds of others will follow.

She said the group asked to be camped on the Iraqi-Saudi border to show it does not mean to side with Iraq.

″We are a neutral, autonomous group who offered to be between the two sides to stop war getting started,″ Arrowsmith said. ″We are telling them that if they want to fight, they will do that on our own bodies.″

She said Adnan Dawoud Salman, head of the Iraqi Friendship and Solidarity Society, had informed her Thursday of the official decision to allow the camp.

Adnan, a senior government official and acting head of the presidency office, was not available to comment.

The pacifists also intend to ask Saudi Arabia to allow a similar camp on its side of the border with Iraq.

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