Where Is The Money That Was Supposed To Fix The Roads?

August 27, 2018

Editor: At this time 50 years ago, I was into my tenth month of service in South Vietnam. I was rapidly becoming a “short-timer,” heading home in less than two months, if all went well. I was very fortunate that my time in the Army was aided by my high school math grades. Because of these grades, I was selected for aviation-electronics training on fixed-wing aircraft. I was trained to work on auto-pilots. After training, I was assigned to a Mohawk unit headed for the Marble Mountain air facility near Danang. My technical training was very good and myself and others in my unit were able to keep the Mohawks in the air so that they could provide vital intelligence for the troops on the ground. Today, I don’t have much need for that technical training but the other training that I received in and around Marble Mountain and Danang has proved invaluable today, especially in Northeast Pennsylvania and throughout the state. I’m speaking about our road conditions and how one has to be very quick to avoid busting a tire or rim. I’m sure other veterans of Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan and other such place feel the same. In a war zone, there really isn’t much of a budget for infrastructure. The budget is geared toward the war effort, as it should be. My question to the governor, state legislators and the auditor general is, “Where is all the money from the gas tax that was imposed five years ago under the previous Gov. Tom Corbett?” Emory Guffrovich PITTSTON

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